Blue Espadrilles Wedges

Channel a playful vibe using this metallic espadrille wedge sandal. Featuring a t-bar strap and buckle fastening with a platform wedge sole. Wear it with smart short pants or a smock dress for a stylish every day look.

Is available in a metallic blue.

product information

  • Brand:
  • Lining Information:
  • synthetic


Free for purchases over £50 Simply click and gather in chosen British Dune London shops within 3-5 working days. £2.50 for purchases under £50.

£3.50 Traditional UNITED KINGDOM Delivery takes 2-5 times from dispatch.

Free for purchases over £50 CollectPlus standard distribution to a convenience store, takes 3-5 days from dispatch. £3.50 for orders under £50.

£6.50 CollectPlus Express distribution to a convenience store, after that day time. Purchase must be put by 5pm

£6.50 Next morning, delivery would be the next day supplied your order is put before 5pm (delivered few days days just. A signature is needed on delivery; exclusions apply).

Product treatment

Leather - Regular using a suitable footwear lotion or wax polish to completely clean leather-based will assist you to protect it and reduce creasing. Nonetheless it won’t make the footwear waterproof.

Heel recommendations - Replace your heel advice on a frequent foundation to avoid much more serious damage to the heels. We feature extra heel recommendations with nearly all of our designs, because we understand simply how much you’ll want to use your footwear.

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