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Alpargatas Shoes

History of Alpargatas:

The storyline associated with alpargata started thousands of years ago, as it's thought the alpargata is a descendant for the Egyptian sandal. Romans later on modified the sandal by adding the top of for security. As time passed, the Alpargata ended up being taken fully to Spain in which it took its present shape. In the 15th century it was taken to America by Spanish colonizers, troops and missionaries.

Couple of shoes through the middle Neolithic, present in Spain between 5200 and 4800 BC

By 1850 Buenos Aires had more then 50 families that handmade alpargatas for an income. Initially made as an undesirable man’s footwear, liked by rural workers for comfort and flexibility of alpargatas, the mythical gauchos of Argentina distribute the popularity of the footwear. Inside their travels throughout Patagonia, the “Pampas”, and Andes, the gauchos wandered by foot and rode on horseback, constantly using alpargatas.

With no knowledge of it the alpargatas were born eco-friendly also; made from significantly more than 99.7percent normal fibers, the top of is made from 100per cent cotton fiber while the sole made of 100percent Jute.

Traditional Argentine alpargatas with created using jute and natural fibers

As time passed, alpargatas became a popular and important an element of the town wardrobe and distribute from Buenos Aires to any or all other places. The alpargata, typically made only in black or white, became the each and every day footwear for Argentina. For those who valued a breathable and glove-like shoe, simple, at a great cost, the alpargata ended up being an ideal fit.

The alpargatas were produced as a straightforward, eco comfortable and popular shoe for the masses!

Let’s move on to visit site.

Our Story:

The A&A idea had been conceived by an Argentine family members residing in hillcrest Ca since 2003 offering new lease of life into important and old-fashioned shoes they was raised enjoying. A&A kept best parts of the original alpargatas and added a-twist of comfort, design, shade and enjoyable.

A&A grew from countless experiences and trips with family between Chaco, a tiny condition in Northern Argentina where lots of men and women however lack access to clean water, and San Diego California United States Of America, where “alpargatas design” has become famous by TOMS® and its own giving function, which are in addition motivated because of the popular argentine footwear. Although we believe TOMS® objective is great, A&A strategy varies and extremely quick: develop IMPORTANT, COMFORTABLE and LOW-COST footwear of the same high quality adding a-twist of SHADE, DESIGN and FUN (driving the preserving for you who can make a larger impact donating towards the charity that you choose. If you do not know anybody, the following is a really good one: )

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